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"Professional with a DUI" in Seattle Municipal Court Recommends Geoffrey Burg

In December of 2009 I was pulled over for suspected DUI after a work Christmas party. I was not charged immediately because I had a blood draw due to a health condition. Despite not being charged, I went out and spoke with a variety of attorneys because I needed my license for my job since I was in outside sales. After interviewing many attorneys I decided to make a deposit with Geoff because he not only seemed the most knowledgeable he also seemed the most realistic. He wasn’t telling me I was out of luck, but also was guaranteeing that he would get the charges dismissed. My understanding is that my case was one of his more unique cases because charges were not flied until August of 2010. By this time I had relocated to another state. He did a great job keeping me informed and arranging things with the court to work with my schedule. Over a year later, and after the birth of my son, a week before our scheduled trial he received a plea down to reckless driving. I was so thankful because I was over 0.15 so was facing significant jail time, high fines, and a loss of my license for more than thirty days. I had nearly lost faith, but he came through with a more than amazing outcome. I would defin. recommend Geoff!
– "Professional with a DUI" in Seattle Municipal Court

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