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If you are charged with reckless driving or racing, we can help you.

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We have all been to trial and fought for our clients who are facing reckless driving and racing charges. We are good at it.

Combined, we have over two decades of experience in helping people who are facing a reckless driving or racing ticket.

Free Initial Consultation:

We meet with you in our office, for free and for as long as it takes.

We like to do this initial consultation in person (not over the phone) because this is the best way to hear about your case and give you legal advice.

There is simply no substitute for a face to face meeting.

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We have found that people who receive these types of tickets do not always know the full consequences of these charges. This website is designed to help you learn more about the criminal offense of reckless driving and racing, a license suspension, and the SR-22 Insurance that is required if your license is suspended. We also handle these types of cases if you are not a United States citizen.

We have designed this website to try and answer questions you may have about a Washington DV charge you are facing. We did this because we know that knowledge is power and the more information you have, the better able you will be to make good decisions regarding your Washington DV case. This web site is a great place to start, but we would be happy to meet with you and discuss the specific details of your Washington DV case.

Please call us at 206-467-3190 to schedule an appointment to meet and discuss your case.

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We will not try to "hard sell" you.

Finally, we will not try to “hard sell” you to hire us. We know choosing an attorney is a big decision and one you must make carefully – not under pressure. Because an effective attorney-client relationship requires a lot of communication and trust, we really only want to represent people who feel comfortable with us and have complete confidence in our abilities. If you don't, then you have the right to an attorney that you do feel would be a better fit.

Thank you for taking the time to look through this web site. Please contact us if you would like to meet and further discuss how we may assist you.

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"Excellent defense attorney"

Recommendation for Jason Lantz

My first impression of Jason was that of ease inspiring confidence. At no point in my case was Jason unprofessional or disrespectful. Beyond Jason's seemingly endless knowledge of his specialty in law, he possessed good relationships with the prosecuting attorney that proved as beneficial in this…

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“client Who Had A Prior Negative Lawyer Experience”

RecommendATION FOR Geoffrey Burg

My previous experience with a lawyer was not a pleasant one. I felt that my case did not get the attention that it deserved. So when I got arrested a second time I was very cautious in hiring the right person for my case. After going through the legal process for a second time I know that Geoffrey…

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